Hernia Surgeon

Hernia Surgeon in Navi Mumbai

Hernia Surgeon in Navi Mumbai

The highly experienced surgeon in Navi Mumbai performs the best hernia surgery with the help of latest tools and equipment for faster relief and post-surgical recovery. The surgeon has more than 27 years of experience in the domain. After completing his master in the general surgery and MRCS from United Kingdom he worked as the clinical assistant with Dr. Tehemton E Udwadia, an order of British Empire and ex-president of the International College of Surgeons.

Since 1995, Dr Sujit Prasad has been practicing as an independent consultant in surgery offering services in wide range of routine and emergency cases in thyroid, breast, parotid, gastrointestinal (open and laparoscopic ) piles, hernia, varicose veins, trauma etc. and in cardiac and vascular surgery.

Hernia Surgeon in  Mumbai

The Hernia Surgeon in Navi Mumbai performs hernia surgery by conventional (open) as well as by Laparoscopic Technique. The contents of the abdomen are contained inside it by various tissues, muscles and fascias – referred to as the ABDOMINAL WALL. When there is some weakness in any part of the abdominal wall, the contents protrude out and appear like a swelling, which is called as the Hernia. There are various types of hernias depending upon its location.

Hernias usually presents as a painless swelling which becomes more prominent on coughing/straining and may be pushed back inside by gentle pressure and manipulation. Some hernias may cause intermittent pain. On the other extreme, some hernias may be severely painful and require emergency intervention.

Some factors that aggravate or make the hernia worse are cough, constipation, heavy physical exertion and straining to pass urine. The treatment for Hernia is surgical. Medical treatment is restricted to control of cough, constipation, urinary problem. Surgical options are open (conventional) and laparoscopic (key-hole) approach. Surgery should be performed early, before complications set in for best outcomes. The hernia specialist must be consulted promptly and treatment plan discussed and finalized early.