Laparoscopic Surgeon

Laparoscopic Surgeon in Navi Mumbai

Laqaroblopic Surgeon in Navi Mumbai Laqaroblopic Surgeon in Mumbai

Dr Sujit Prasad performs minimum invasive surgery with the help of a camera and several thin instruments. During the surgery, the small incisions are made, which are usually half an inch or less, and then plastic or metal tubes, called ports are placed through these incisions. The camera and tiny instrument are inserted through these ports to see clearly inside the patient.

The camera helps the surgeon to see the patient clearly on the monitor screen of a television in the front of the Dr Sujit Prasad in the operation theater. The camera images are used by the surgeon to perform the surgery. The laparoscopic surgeon in Navi Mumbai has rich experience of more than 27 years in the field in both routine and emergency surgery cases. There are many surgeries that are being performed by laparoscopy or the minimally invasive method. By far, the most commonly performed laparoscopic surgery is done for gall bladder or cholecystectomy.

Surgery for appendix, Hernia Surgery, kidney, pancreas, stomach, intestines, colon, uterus, ovaries are also done laparoscopically. The advanced camera and monitor gives clear magnified view of the operative area. Small size of the incisions has multiple benefits – less pain, quick mobilization, early recovery and return to work. The cosmetic advantage of small scar is much appreciated by all patients and the ladies in particular.

The use of minimum invasive surgery or laparoscopic surgery helps patient to get faster recovery, have the shorter hospital stay, return to normal activities and have small scars, which can be later removed. And there is less internal scarring with the minimal invasive process than with open surgery. The patient must contact the Dr Sujit Prasad to discuss the surgery options and treatment methods.