Piles Surgeon

Piles Surgeon in Navi Mumbai

Piles Surgeon in Navi Mumbai

The piles surgeon in Navi Mumbai,Dr Sujit Prasad is a highly experienced surgeon with more than 27 years of experience in the domain. Since 1995, he is independently working as a Consultant in General Surgery. After completing the master in the surgery in 1991, Dr Sujit Prasad assisted Dr. Tehemton E Udwadia OBE (Order of British Empire), Ex-President, International College of Surgeons.

Haemorrhoids, commonly known as piles is a very common ailment. It classically presents as bleeding from anus, which may be painless initially but painful when complicated. In grade 1 piles there is no swelling or bulge at the anus whereas in grade 4 the lump protruding from the anus remains outside despite attempts at pushing it inside.

Piles Surgeon in Mumbai

Constipation and excessive straining while passing stools is the major factor for piles formation. Other predisposing factors are low fibre diet, poor bowel habits, obesity, chronic diarrhoea.

The Treatment of Piles Depends on the Grade of Piles

  • Early piles is treated non surgically and the main focus is on management of constipation by proper diet and medication.
  • Advanced piles need to be operated. Theoretically, there are many methods but practically only two are employed
  • Conventional Piles excision.
  • Stapled piles surgery or MIPH (Minimally Invasive Procedure Piles)
  • Stapled piles surgery is becoming increasingly preferred both by the patient as well as the Dr Sujit Prasad because of its multiple advantages.
  • MIPH is minimally invasive, it cuts and staples (sews) at the same time. There is no wound, no need for dressing after surgery, much reduced pain, shorter hospital stay and quicker return to fit condition. The appropriate treatment option must be customised for every patient which must be discussed with the doctor.