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MGM Hospital,
CBD, Belapur,
Navi Mumbai

Subject : Appreciation Letter
Patient Name – Huda Afzal Dafedar
My niece Huda Afzal Defedar Age 15 years, was suffering from abdominal pain for quite some time. Many a times she was sent back from School as she could not sit for long time at one place. We were worried because she is class 10th student and was using her regular classes.
We contacted our family physician & he had advised us a Sonography to find out whether it is due to swellingor appendicitis. The result was negative. He therefore advised us to see a good surgeon & suggested the name of Dr. Sujit Prasad M.S. MRCS(U.K.) of your Hospital.
After taking a brief history of my niece Dr. has prescribed some pain killer. But then pain would not subside. Even after taking CT scan and barium test the result was negative.
Dr. Sujit Prasad MS MRCS (UK) was sure it was nothing but acute appendicitis and advised us for surgery. We agreed to this suggestion.
The surgery was done on 27/08/2014 in the morning and the next she was discharge from the Hospital healthy & without any pain.
I personally feel that Dr. Sujit Prasad M.S. MRCS (U.K.) is not only a good surgeon but has magic hands. He is a noble honest & humble person. He is an asset to your Hospital.
We also thankful to entire staff of Pathology, Sonography, Radiology & Pharmacy & Doctors, Nurses and Sister without whose support this would not have been possible.
We thank all.

Patient ID : 14007730 IRSHAD KHATIB
CBD, Belapur,